Robert Gardner

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While Rob had been shooting for pleasure for over 20 years, it was about 15 years ago that he first pushed the shutter release in anger. Mr. Gardner was the trendy, cool, Creative Director who came up with all the great ideas and visuals. Minus the cool and trendy part. Rob would hire photographers to shoot scenes that he had pitched to the client in a marker comp, and they would inevitably come back to him with their own stilted interpretation of his vision. So after considerable frustration, he got behind the lens.
In his words…”I mean really, how hard could it be?”

After a solid five years of perfecting the craft, Mr. Gardner reached the point where he could create a complex image, from casting and props to final execution and post-production. His work has been used in ad campaigns for BMW, Breitling, Calvin Klein, Merck, MINI cars, Novartis, and many other national and international brands. As a master Visual Communicator, Rob can tell the compelling story of your brand with a beautiful simplicity that can only come from the innocent mind of a 5-year old. Who’s really 47.